Saturday, January 31, 2009

For our next project my class is working within our own building we are taking a room that really does not work. At lest in terms for what it was created for, in groups of three and two we have been charged with trying to rework and develop what is already existing so that it will meet the needs of it occupants. Our first goal is centered around the lectern, which at the current moment is a huge vinyl box that does not support it’s need to allow the connection between speaker and audients. And indeed hampers the lectures ability to connect to his or her audients.

My goal is to create a lectern that is more airy that allows the conversation and discussion to pass through as well as around. There is not much physical space for development but I am hoping to create space and flat surface plans that build on top of each other. As well as utilize positive and negative space so that the barrier will not be so great. I also wish for the lectern to adapt to the user to own needs and demands not the other way around.
From the original School of Athens work we overlaid a section of our studio Arts building on top of the work, with translucent paper. That didn't turn out as translucent as we would have liked but we cut sections out of the overlay so that our original work on the School of Athens would show through and inform the viewer as to what is going on behind. And further inform both layers as well as physical tie the two schools of learning together. (The yarn across the lower portion of the work is the ground line of our building.)

By having our buildings section overlaid onto the school of Athens it only strengthen the idea about the center of the structure collating. In the way that our building has been structured and the School of Athens is constructed around a body of knowledge and learning.
At the offset of the semester we were each given a piece of the school of Athens to create in any form that we wished. When finished all the individual pieces would be gathered together and pieced back together. The image that you see is my donation to the work, it was drawn with sharpie and then water colored added onto that drawing. The piece as a whole came out very interesting and dynamic each individual in the class was able to display their talents and strengths and put their touch on the work. Some works are three-dimensional while other parts are pastel, charcoal, marker and on any number of different papers and formats. But all the same each piece is the same size so that they would meet and form the greater whole work once again.

This is a drawing of the space that our project is displayed.
Working to tie our studio life to the School of Athens, was a difficult task on the surface but once we started to undertake some research found that there is a lot to learn and pull from each. In the School of Athens work I found that the fresco has a purposely centered to create a since of stability and balance at the core of the work. From this center everything else radiates from the two men in the center of the painting are the balancing, ordering minds of the day. With them in the middle the give a sense of proportion and order in the fresco it’s self. That coupled with the uses of one point linear perspective to allow the work to appear to be three-dimensional on a two-dimensional surface.

The sense of order coming from the middle comes into the realm of our studio building in a similar way that the critic spaces are the core and that craziness radiates around this central ordering. The critic space is where the core of the learning and gathering of ideas meets. But the madness of the individual ideas are developed around the outside of this centralized point of order.

Our critic room acts as a center of coming together to present ones ideas and knowledge. This is a place to challenge each other and learn from each other. The center of each studio is based in this atmosphere of sharing and learning together. Much like in Raphael’s fresco there is no accident in the way that he set up his work he wanted all the radiated around the center, the work is to be a visualization of knowledge.
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