Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poetics of Space Chapters 2 & 3

Chapter 3

It seems to be mainly about image and seems to be more about what an image is and how we perceive that idea. The idea that we are only able to comprehend the idea of an image in certain lines of thought.

It’s about how we store away our secrets in personal spaces so that only those closest to us understand their true meaning. You wouldn’t share the contents of your dresser with a stranger much like you wouldn’t walk up to someone on the street and tell them your deepest desires.

Chapter 2

It seems to be about the disconnect between dreams, daydreams, and reality. We feel more comfortable in our old childhood homes because they connect reality and daydreams from that time in our lives. Our dreams are never resolved but they are always open ended and our daydreams are a way to relax our minds and make sense of things going on around us.

Roots part II

My favorite teacher was my high school biology teacher, Ms. Shankle. She was a newly graduated student of Western Carolina and full of ambition. She really worked really hard to make the best of her class and put forth a lot of energy in her teaching, and she worked to make everyone into believing biology is her favorite subject. She pushed everyone in her classes as hard as she believed that they could handle. I learned more in her class and was pushed harder than in any other classes. She was creative in ways to make the subject matter more understandable and fun.