Friday, March 27, 2009

Conceptual images

Working with another group member we worked on finding out what exactly scared geometry meant to us and being the visual people that we are found more information from images that we found than text. What is above are three of my favorite pieces that we found. Each speak a very different language but I feel if I can pull any singular idea from one of these images my classroom as a whole will be more unified and cohesive to the entirety of the school project.

Environmental cycle

As a class we are all looking at circles in a physical and psychological sense and seeing what that means in the build environment. Trying to find ways to reconnect the broken environmental cycle, in a healthy productive way. Bridging the gaps and disruptions that humankind has created within the respiration and cycle due to our ceaseless mining of resources. In this way attempting to work on the High school and Middle school and find ways to reconnect the circle for that community, providing a healthier living situation for all living organisms. In hopes of uplifting these structures to a higher level even though they are LEED certified they seeming have taken no consecration of the landscaping in which they were building. We wish to return the honor of this climate and landscape back to what it is, so that Mother Nature has a fighting chance against our constant battement and abuse.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Process Drawings Part III

After much research and thought this is where I am currently at in my design process.

Process Drawings Part II

Looking at outdoor fix seating that would incorporate its self into the trellis and other aspects of the outdoor space. When these ideas are flushed out I'll start to pull the idea/forms/materials into the interior of the rooms.

Guilford High Art classrooms/patio

From the existing structure over at Northern Guilford High, talking to Wade, Lindsey and their students I've started develop some ideas for their adjoining rooms. My main focus at the present is connecting the outside courtyard to the interior classrooms. Which both teachers have expressed a need to have a stronger tie to their exterior environment.

This undertaking is not a sole adventure but there are three other students in my class that are also helping recreate these spaces into different usable dynamic environments. That not only makes the teachers lives a little bit easier as well as gives a breath of inspiration as well to the students that are engaging with these spaces. As a whole group our joint concept is: Sacred Geometry of a circle, which means, to unifying indoor and outdoor through the sacred geometry of a circle.

I’m working with the mediation between the indoor and outdoor environments and hoping to find the best way to blur the two together. In a way to unify the two through having the outside and inside interact with one another in an inclusive circular way. My idea at first was to look at screened in porches and how that creates mediation between the two worlds. From there I moved into a completely open situation where there would be doors would act as the visual passage as well as the physical passage from one environment to the other.

After the informal critics today I believe I am moving back to the idea of a screened porch. Which is strengthened by my wish to create vine trellis, which would act as a way of inclosing the patio. But before all this, what follow is all the drawings that I have created thus far.

I am thinking that when the art classes really get into there pottery sections of the classes they could create pieces that would go out on the patio. Acting as sculptural pieces as well as ways to have extra planters, in this way they are themselves informing the environment in which the live.


Wade and Lindsey's classrooms are different in structural apprentices and with these drawings I was thinking of opening the room with a grudge door which was thrown out shortly after the idea because it didn't look right in both rooms.

First crack at opening up the room before doing more research on front facades of cafes.