Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Art Patio (Closing the Circle)

Struggling long and hard with the art patio, I've really focused in on trying to connect the environmental circle that man has disrupted in the school. By choosing to use reclaimed materials and now have challenged to look at how those reclaimed tires and eye-beams tie back into the greater Greensboro community. The image above is an idea of how to refocus the community back to how our influence impacts the world in which we live by having nature starting to grow and as time goes those vines will shape and inform the outdoor patio and the amount of light and how the space will be used.

Today, in class we talked about how I need to look at Guilford county maps and gain a better understanding about how roads overlap and interweave. Then take that information to shape the inside of the art classrooms. Focusing in on this because Greensboro has been a gate city for centuries due to all the railway connections and interstate connections that occur in the city itself. I have been charged with finding a Guilford county map and aerial views of the city as well as start to build models of how the light with inform the exterior and interior spaces if I have this weaving fashion. I will continue to stretch design and myself and draw what is in my minds eye as well as start to create architectural documents that will show how these creations can be created and built in the physical world. More drawings and models to come along this line of thoughts.