Thursday, March 5, 2009

Atlanta Field Trip

The past couple of years my program has asked the fourth year class to participate in a class wide trip to Atlanta GA. Two days packed full of visiting different studios, of all sorts and learning, listening and talking to working professionals. Typically the all time high point of the year for the fourth year students.

waited till Sunday afternoon having previous obligations. Myself included in the later half. My dear friend Jess diplomatically decided to drive Kemina and myself down. I was to arrive at Jess's parents home and shower whileAs the week approached the energy level and excitement through out the two studios mounted to new levels. Many choices to leave Saturday morning and start the trip early while others Kemina found her way to Jess's. Then from there we were to start the adventures car trip. Which to my horror turned adventures in ways that no one would like very quickly. We hit sleet on the other side of Charlotte about an hour and half into the trip. After a quick stop to fill up our bellies and the gas tank we hopped back on the road.

Didn't make it too long before the snow started to fall heavy. So much in fact about the time we hit the South Carolina line we had to stop and shovel the snow off the hood of the car so that Jess and I could see out the windshield. Still not terribly worried but taking it slowly we continued onwards, seeing cars abandon or stuck every mile. This only last a couple of minutes because the traffic in front of us came to a stop around 8:30 or so. We chilled in the car all the while getting reports from friends and classmates about the conditions in and outside of Atlanta. Finally after sitting for over an hour we decided that the best action to take would be to pull off and find a hotel for the night and go from there in the morning. All the while the snow is pilling higher and higher around us. After another half hour I tell Jess to go ahead and turn the car off that we're not moving any where for a while. Last time, I heard of this much snow falling this fast the highway was closed to prevent any further accidents on the road that night. Time passes snow continues to fall, Jess's parent call every couple once and a while asking if we've gotten to a hotel yet. Kemina's phone dies after her continues texting for the past couple hours.

My mother calls in a complete panic. "Where are you?" I'm in the car chatting with Jess; we're not moving and don’t look like we are going anywhere any time soon. Are you okay? Yes momma I brought my blanket and pillow and Jess had brought lots of water and snacks for the trip. We are fine, just sitting' chatting away.

A couple of hours later around about 1:30 or 2 AM a gentleman comes wondering by. Taps on the window, scares the heck out of Keman who had been asleep in the back. He's asking if we have kids in the car, if we're all okay and if we have gas. Then moves on when he sees that we got everything under control. But before this he tells us that there had been a couple of wrecked ahead of us and they had been working to clear those and were just getting to the one that blocked us. That it would be a couple more hours because stupid people had made our two lane highway into four trying to squeeze through. I've told Jess to try to get some sleep that I'd stay up and wake her if we started moving or anything else happens.

All is completely quite, haven't seen any cars go by in the other lane in hours.

Little after 3:30 the cars around us turn on their lights and start up their cars. We get moving and are at the stopped tractor-trailer in moments. Find the next exit and turn around and start home. After much debate about if Jess is ready to brave the horrible road conditions. We roll on at a craw for hours occasionally hitting slick spots and the car spinning 90 to 180 degrees. Finally make it to Jess's house about 9 on Monday morning. We're we all find breakfast and a shovel to dig Kemina's car out to continue on to Greensboro and our beds. I'll be complete all right if I never have to go through a night like that ever again. By the time I reached home about 10:30, I was completely exulted physically and mental from staying up all-night and trying to keep Jess alert and calm.

After a hot shower, calling the roommates I hadn’t seen or heard from in the last 24 hours, putt on a movie on I crawled onto the couch to nap.