Thursday, April 23, 2009

That time again

The birds are singing, the weather is warming, and the spring semester is coming to a close once again. In the studio art building the computer lab is jammed pack and a waiting line for the next opening computer. Everyone is in a frenzy there are tears shed, blood drawn and cries of victory ring out late into the night air. It's a wonderful time to be an interior architecture student. Working tirelessly and a creative frenzy has filled the atmosphere.

I along with the rest of the fourth years are working late into the night in full tilt production mode. Creating and putting finally details on our master pieces that we have been slaving away at for the past couple of months. Hoping our efforts will not have been in vain, as we humbly prepare our projects and selves for presentations for the final weeks.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Struggling 4 Real

So below are two drawings that I have put together for my final presentation of my art classrooms and art patio. The problem being, I started to render them both and they lose a lot of the detailing and look cartoonist. I was working with prism colors, don't really have time for color pencil any suggestions?