Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just about all end of last week and weekend I worked off and on, on my boards for my presentation. I keep finding that working and figuring out layouts is one of my favorite parts of a projects. It makes me sad that it always seems to come at the end and seems to be forgotten about by many. But to find a ways that different parts and ideas should fit and work together. In a collective way that will further inform the viewer is so much more interesting and sometimes challenging than any other aspect of a project. If I could find a way to do layouts for poster or something of that sort I believe I would be happy. Being able to experiment and play with different concepts and configurations all day long would be a wonderful experience.

Images will shortly follow of my school art classroom/patio project.

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  1. Sara, I am amazed at the detail, and the imagination of your work. I can't draw a straight line, and do envy your ability. Good luck in all your future projects!!

    Ann Deal