Monday, May 11, 2009

final installation

Our studio is always a mess with people running around like half crazed moneys, with a camel chewing on our backs. At the very end of the semester we had a chance to work as a class for one last time and restructure our lived in environment. So that those who come after us have a better healthier place to live and work. Were I spent many hours helping take down the cubical panels and separating the electrical strips out of these monsters and nameless other task that had to happen during the deconstruction process. My real opportunity was working on the wall of windows a feat that Jackie and I undertook whole heartily and it just about killed the both of us. I don't think we would have held it all together if it hadn't been for Yo's and Emily's encouragement and help.

This image was taken about seven hours into the second day we went for round about ten more hours after this. Tackling each problem as it arose and trust me it got kind of ugly at times cause things didn't seem to want to work that evening at all.

Jackie drilling into the frame that we had finally devised after many trials that night.

Yo and myself working on the final touches of the window wall a little tired and crazy. The idea is to create different shadows and shades of light and darkens. Plus it's just cool looking.

And TA-DA, the finished product a re-created vibrant studio atmosphere.

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